Itty bitty leaves

Part of a larger project I’m working on – can’t wait to share more! It continues to amaze me how just a little bit of regular practice has improved my sawing skills. So rewarding. 💕

Work in progress

I made a few more open shank rings last weekend. It’s amazing to me how much faster (and more neatly!) I’m producing things than I was at the beginning of the summer.

Flush setting practice

Flush setting is a technique where you embed the stone in metal so it is – wait for it – flush with the surface of the metal. It’s typically done with smaller stones so the ...


Gradually working up the courage and skill to work with smaller stones and gems. These are 4 mm sapphires from @rosecutselect. I am equally thrilled and terrified to set them! Stay tuned …

Homemade donuts

Covid has resulted in all sorts of weird supply chain issues. One of those has been the disappearance of our usual gluten-free muffin mix from the grocery store. While we wait for case to arrive ...


I think playing Animal Crossing has given me a new appreciation for lilies! They have all just burst into bloom around the neighborhood, and I just love the variety of color when I’m out for ...


Cherries are my very favorite fruit … and although life during the Covid-19 pandemic is not a bowl full of cherries at the moment, it’s still a pleasure to enjoy the season!

Happy rocks

There is a small group of families that paints rocks and puts them around the neighborhood. The designs vary a lot but they always make me smile when I’m out for a walk.

Homemade latte

A beautiful homemade latte, made with cashew milk. A super special thing for me, since it’s been about six years that I could have coffee or nuts on a regular basis. I made the cashew ...

Playing with patterns

Last winter I patterned these four pre-cut copper discs in a rolling mill. Yummy, right?! I *really* want to do basse taille (an enameling technique where you reveal some of the metal) on them, but ...