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Pumpkin sentiments

I got Covid from one of my kids in early October. I felt terrible that week – no surprise. I was still feeling crummy a week later. So for two weeks, I didn’t walk outside in the mornings. When I finally got outside, half the leaves had fallen off the trees, and many of our neighbors had decorated for Halloween.

I was so happy to be outside again, and I was a little punch-drunk, I think. I had this idea that I could do a sentiment analysis of our neighbors pumpkins. In our case, they are usually eaten by desperate squirrels almost immediately!

Here are a few of the fun ones I passed on my morning walk:

Does this mean our neighbor is grumpy?

To me, the googly-eyed one looks like Bert and the white one like Ernie.

Goofy, happy neighbor?
Post-pandemic neighbor – a little worse for wear!

If this had been a real research study, I would have had all kinds of sampling issues – only one neighborhood, only pumpkins close enough to the sidewalk so I didn’t upset my neighbors.

Research problems aside, I’ve had a fun time on my last few walks, thinking about what jack-o-lantern faces might tell me about my neighbors.

Did you carve a pumpkin this Halloween season? What (if anything) does the face you chose say about you?

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