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Metal Forming #1, Part 2

I am smitten! Both with the outcomes and with this technique.

I had a crazy moment a few weeks ago when I was feeling great health-wise, and in that moment, I signed up for two classes at Lillstreet this session. Not my smartest move (it’s only been one week and I’m already tired). BUT, I love the art center and the instruction!

You’ve seen a little glimpse of the Color on Metal class. Last night I was in my other class called Metal Forming. Under the instruction of Darlys Ewoldt I learned how to shape a small copper disk into a bowl shape. And then how to planish it smooth.

Here is the first pass:

And later:

I hav seen some forming in the past but never been inspired to try it myself. But it is fun and cathartic to move metal this way. I am looking forward to learning more techniques next week!

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