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Color on Metal #1 – Part 1

Here are some of the samples from my Color on Metal class last Saturday.

The first photo (featured image) is copper with a stamp on it; a slow, gentle heating turns the metal purple. You can also achieve wonderful yellows and oranges, like the instructor samples below:

But Saturday we mostly focused on blues and greens, which are achieved with vinegar and salt, or ammonia and salt. The instructor put the ingredients into a little Tupperware so her rings can soak in the solution for a week. We’ll see the results in class next weekend.

The final picture is salt and Miracle Gro with red wine vinegar. Apparently when it works, the reaction happens pretty fast – this is what she got after less than an hour in the solution. 🤩

I am looking forward to experimenting with these techniques in my own studio this week!

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