Making, Metalsmithing

Return to Lillstreet

For the first time since before the pandemic, this weekend I traveled into Chicago to take a class at Lillstreet Art Center. It was great to be back in this creative, welcoming community art center! đź’•

I am taking two classes, but the one on Saturdays is a quick four-week class called Color on Metal. The instructor’s samples are pretty compelling – I can’t wait to share those and some of my own experiments with you!

Detail on mosaic mural outside Lillstreet Art Center
Mosaic mural outside Lillstreet Art Center
Even the doors are decorated …
A beautiful, intricate piece on display in the Center’s art shop
A wonky mug with ceramic barnacles.
The colors were lovely – this picture doesn’t do the piece justice.
I love the vibe at Lillstreet. Everyone is welcome,
and it’s just so easy to be there in creative community.

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