Making, Metalsmithing


For me, one of the pleasures of metalsmithing is the improvements that come from simple repetition. After ten months away from my bench my skills are rusty (to say the least). So I’ve decided to relax into it, not be in a big rush to construct anything again, and just enjoy getting re-immersed in the work.

Over the past few weekends I’ve been sawing increasingly detailed shapes with smaller and smaller blades. It’s not like learning from scratch because the muscle memory is still there. I’m really enjoying the notable improvement over a short period of time.

First piece, blech – a total hack job! I should have started with copper, this is headed for the scrap bin.

This last one is based on a templates from Lucy Walker Jewellery. It is still a work in progress (needs polishing). Working much cleaner now – this one might actually end up in my shop as a finished piece. These will be components in a larger piece at some point, maybe as part of a collection this summer.

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