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Metal Forming #2

Well it turns out that forging is way harder than forming for me – who knew? Though I am so new to all this, take my perspective with a grain of salt! 😂

The featured picture is my first sloppy attempt at a forged bracelet.

These are some of the teacher’s samples:

If you look at the side view of the teacher sample you can see how beautifully and subtly the planes change in this piece:

These teacher samples showing how forging can be used to create rings, bracelets, brooches, and interesting components for larger pieces:

I wasn’t feeling as well this week – taking these two classes at the same time wasn’t the best decision, and it is catching up with me. I have a lot of ideas inspired by the class, but I wasn’t able to pull them through during the studio time.

Here’s hoping I feel better so I can explore these ideas further. I am starting a new medication this weekend, so fingers crossed!

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