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Groovy Summer – sneak peek!

I had a wonderful, productive weekend in my shop, and I look forward to sharing more of the beautiful outcomes with you this week.

For me, Groovy Summer evokes the 1970s, including flowers and bright colors. The hollow form earrings with the orange flower at the center (which I posted a week or two ago) helped me crystallize my thinking about how I wanted the collection to feel.

The collection also has a chill, beachy vibe. You’ll see that in the abalone and water colors (blues, greens) that I’ve incorporated.

The featured image at the top of this post is a fun, lightweight necklace that is part of the collection, which is almost ready to share with you!

Some of the fun outcomes of my etching experiments, combined with abalone for that beachy feeling:

I love this rough, organic piece of abalone. It would look great over a white linen shirt and capris, and paired with the earrings above:

I am really happy with how the back turned out on this piece, so I put the maker’s mark on the chain instead:

I can’t wait to share this body of work with you, and hear what you think!

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