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Faerie wigs!

Many years ago, I was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest with my spouse, and we made the obligatory pilgrimage to Powell’s Books in Oakland.  One of my favorite things about Powell’s is the amazing staff recommendations.  Through one of those recommendations I discovered the writing of Charles de Lint, and I was quickly smitten with his work and the urban fantasy genre.  I started reading The Onion Girl in the bookstore and couldn’t stop, and I ended up buying so many of his books that I had to buy a second suitcase to travel home, because mine was well over the weight limit.

During that vacation we also traveled to the Columbia River Gorge to do some hiking.  I was enjoying the beautiful environment and the light playing on the trees, but I was also daydreaming about fairies and other creatures flitting in and out of our daily lives the way they do in his books.  For years later, I would see coffee beans or a chocolate chip on the counter and think fairy poop!, or sugar and think fairy dust!  I would even leave the mess intact and capture the moment with post-its.

I took this photo on that hike. When I saw these little wisps of Spanish Moss attached to a tree, faerie wigs! immediately popped into my mind and out of my mouth.  So in my inaugural post, I’m sharing this image with you.  I hope that regular postings here will help to remind me to appreciate the beautiful, whimsical things in life!

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