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Early Spring collection

In the late Fall last year, I decided that I wanted to start selling some of what I’ve been making. I have purchased so many beautiful stones, and I have a million ideas about pieces I want to make. But at some point I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wear it all myself, nor give it all away to friends and family!

So, I filed for a business license, and started to organize all my stones into groupings that I hoped would make for interesting collections I could launch throughout this year. It just now getting warm enough to metalsmith in my garage again, so most of these pieces are from late last year. Still, I’m excited to preview some of them here for you before the store officially opens in the coming weeks.

The Early Spring collection features mostly dark greens, and a splash of purple – almost like winter waking. I also have one texture plate that I have used throughout. I can’t wait to share the finished pieces with you!

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