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Color on Metal #4

This past Saturday was my final Color on Metal class at Lillstreet. It was basically Open Studio, with access to the instructor and all the tools. I had decided that alcohol ink was the most appealing of the techniques that we covered, so that is the technique I wanted to practice. I brought a bunch of patterned copper to play with, and I am pretty happy with the results.

I didn’t take many pictures, I think because my hands were really a mess. So here are few screenshots of the videos I posted to my Instagram and TikTok feeds. Enjoy!


My main question about the alcohol ink techniques is that I am not sure of the durability. I am going to have to wear a piece for a few weeks to be sure I’m comfortable selling them. The smallish dark blue one with the flower pattern is my favorite, so I’ll abscond with that one. One of the privileges of being the artist!

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