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Clean bench!

By the end of a weekend in the shop, it usually looks like something exploded at my bench! 🧨 I enjoy wallowing in the mess when I’m working, but when I need some time to plan and prepare, the chaos can be super distracting.

I think this crowded feeling is because of the bonzai. I love having them in the window, but they take up valuable space from the tools I was using the most.

I finally buckled down and took one of Tonya Davidson’s suggestions. Instead of having to stand halfway up to reach tools, I put the things I use the most in a rolling cart. 🛞Everything is super accessible, and I now have lots of room to spread new projects out on my bench (see featured pic).

When I wrap for the weekend, I usually leave a few stone pairings or sketches on my bench. That way, when I come back to my bench over the weekend, I catch the creative spark as quickly as possible. 🎆🎇. If you look closely enough, you might get a sneak peek at what I’m working on next!

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