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Birthday vibes

We enjoyed a peaceful day at home yesterday. I spent some time in the shop, organizing cabochons into collections that I hope to release over the course of next year. More on that in another post!

We had our favorite Saturday night dinner – spaghetti and homemade meatballs with tomato sauce. Well, I have broccoli instead of pasta, but it’s still “the culinary highlight of the week” for all of us.

We watched some anime (we’re watching Hunter x Hunter at the moment), and then had cupcakes for dessert.

In terms of presents, I received exactly what I wished for, which is a GRS Benchmate QCX system. The Benchmate is a workholding device that has a variety of attachments. The set that I received simplifies holding smaller pieces (especially rings). I have a couple of blanks ready to go; I can’t wait to try flush and “octopus” settings again.

I am dreading having to drill into my beautiful workbench, but I will get over it!

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