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Bronze bangles

While I’m on vacation this week I decided to talk another online class from Jessica Cote (Rosy Revolver). This one is called Stacked, for learning to make bangles. Given the insane price of silver – almost twice what it was at the beginning of the summer – I decided to practice with bronze, instead. Here is the outcome from this afternoon’s attempts.

The process of making these bangles isn’t too difficult. For me, there were two challenging parts. One was forming and soldering the 8 gauge (thick) wire, and the other was making sure all the small (14 gauge) wire ones ended up the same diameter after texturing. In the picture above you can see that they are not quite the same diameter. Not the end of the world, but I’m glad I took the time to practice, first.

It was definitely fun and rewarding – I’m looking forward to working on some more elaborate ones in the next few days before I go back to work.

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