Sparkling clouds

It seems that I prefer to work very large or very small. This weekend I did a little bit of both. I just love the depth and sparkle of this small cloud-shaped moss kyanite. I don’t think the photos do the color justice – it’s a velvety, deep ocean blue.

I bought a few of these stones, so I’ll have an opportunity to set one of them again. It’s delicate and sweet, but it was hard to get the bezel to hug the curves in the stone. While I like how this turned out, I think next time I’ll set it with prongs, instead.

Author: Natalie Hanson

I am an anthropologist and user experience (UX) executive. I lead a team that works in the healthcare space on both licensable software and custom client solutions. As an anthropologist, my research has focused on work practices and work environments. I have a special interest in how institutions respond to macro-economic, industry, and regional trends, and how the resulting organizational changes affect the lives of employees. You can learn more about me at

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