Prong setting – done!

Gotta love the amazing blue flash in the labradorite.

This attempt went more quickly – and was definitely much easier – when I followed the instructions! I learned a ton of new techniques for both setting and polishing that I will be able to use in other projects in the future.

Here is the back of the piece. I was definitely more cautious when cutting the notches to mark where the prongs would go. And I am really pleased with the level of polish I was able to achieve.

After setting the stone, I noticed that the jump ring for the bail is not quite centered, which is driving me bonkers! But in the big scheme of things, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Author: Natalie Hanson

I am an anthropologist and user experience (UX) executive. I lead a team that works in the healthcare space on both licensable software and custom client solutions. As an anthropologist, my research has focused on work practices and work environments. I have a special interest in how institutions respond to macro-economic, industry, and regional trends, and how the resulting organizational changes affect the lives of employees. You can learn more about me at

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