Over the winter I have been exploring some new crafts.  These are photos of a few cards I made with a new die-cut machine.  It’s the same paper and pattern, combined in three different ways.


The Chicago Botanic Gardens has a spectacular orchid show in the late winter each year.  We haven’t in awhile, but I thought I would share these pictures from years past.

It was cool to check out the Venus Fly Traps, captured here through their small glass display.  

Enter a captionArtist’s garden inspired by the work of Georgia O’Keefe.


Mosaics in a water fountain of sorts.  

Love the crazy hairdo on this guy!

This looks like a Dr. Seuss plant to me.  🙂


Feeding the baby goats was undoubtably a highlight!
After an inspiring field trip with his day camp, our little one requested to visit the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago again. We had good fun visiting with turtles, participating in the scavenger hunt, and feeding the baby goats. And of course I loved the opportunity to take lots of pictures.  August 2019.


A peaceful beach club in Connecticut, overlooking Long Island Sound.  July 2019.


My dad passed away earlier this summer, but he would have been 81 this week.  I am visiting my mom in Connecticut with my family, and trying hard to find beauty where I can.  Our trip to the nursery certainly helped …



My father passed away this week, and we have received so many beautiful flowers in his memory …



Another tulip parade.  On the Northwestern University campus, May 2018.

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