Almond Cow



Awhile back, I pre-ordered a new kitchen device called the Almond Cow, which is supposed to make milk from nuts.  I liked the idea because I’m allergic to so many of the additives in milk.  It arrived today, and I have to confess that it more amazing than I could have imagined.  I tried cashews today, and I took their advice on the remaining pulp – it make a great snack!  I have already purchased macadamia nuts, pecans, and almonds to try.  I’m thrilled, because being able to make my own nut milk is really a breakthrough in an otherwise pretty restricted diet.


Augustus Rose

I’ve been spending hours surfing Pinterest, looking for inspiration – especially simple ways to add a bail to a pendant. Along the way I found an archival scan of a jewelry making book by Augustus Rose from 1917. After seeing this piece I was inspired to reproduce it. I had to learn how to transfer a design to metal, pierce it with a drill, and then saw it. It was a test of my limited sawing skills but I still enjoyed it thoroughly!

A few weeks later, I made the same Augustus Rose piece again in silver. My sawing skills have improved thanks to Metalsmithing class at @lillstreetmetals. Plus, silver is much easier to work with than copper … and thinner sawblades helped too. I’ve gone from hating sawing to finding it *really* cathartic in just a few months. #silversmith

Ruby chrosite pendant

I’ve been researching and practicing different bail techniques. Setting this ruby chrosite was just barely within reach but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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